Small Beginning for a Great Success

cash and carry
The founder of the group has long had a progressive view with regards to functions and activities of the Smir Group between 2000 – 2005 was active as a personal local Company in order to supply part of the needs for food manufacturers and construction projects .


Import & Export

After 2005 company founder start to import and export raw materials in food and construction sectors. And we established our distribution system.



Even the company start to develop construction projects in local market.


Changes in the Path of Smir Group Products

With the expansion of the number of products and the market for Smir Group a significant change was made in the supply chain sector of the company, a network system was developed for distribution of the products to all over the world.


Real Estate

In order to add properties to the various products of the company in 2016 the Smir&Co Company was founded and in fact, it became independent of the Smir Group Company in Real Estate Sector. The variety of sauces produced in this company is one of the distinctive characteristics of Smir&Co Company that attracts many consumers every day.


Supply Chain

Eco Supplys Brand started its working on production of Construction Materials opened a new horizon for producing a variety of products in Smir Group.


Our Future Vision

Smir Group still has plans for the systematic advancement and expansion to export products and construction developments in the region and the world And want to play global role in the sector.