Supply ChainSmir Group is an innovative, international construction materials supplier with regional portfolios, providing high-quality materials, Our experience, professionalism, commitment and dedication have driven our successful transformation. The continuous trust of our customers helped us to become who we are today. Our core values of integrity, responsibility, transparency, flexibility and innovation have sustained many long-term business relationships over our active years. Our extensive product range requires modern, specialized and efficient services from warehouses, transportations to customer service. We are highly selective in working with manufacturers that only produce premium quality products and ensure the best deal for each of our customers. Product quality assurance and safe working conditions are nevertheless vital to our corporate business ethics.

After signing contract with our customers , One of the most important steps in production is technical and quality. The designing stage is finished with the mutual efforts of the technical team of production . The output of this consultation is a three-dimensional image of the product that is send for production after final approval.
After We understand that exactly what they need , next stage is to produce the final product. The Complex process of production in modern and up to date factories of Smir Group partners begins here and the production happens under close monitoring for quality control, and many other important delicate considerations after which it is ready to be sent.
Once the products are ready in the factories around the country, we will prepare them to be shipped to the customers.
One of the most important points after the acquirement of raw material is transportation of these materials to warehouses around the country as well as to the manufacturing sectors.
our expert marketing team always present our services for all of potential markets to developing our network all over the region.
  • Provides practical business services with specialized knowledge and experience
  • Ability to accommodate client’s needs
  • Correspond globally and locally working with the all worldwide networks